Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Versaudio Vers 2X iPod Speaker System

I must really say that this piece of news is more related to the "green technology" than to the generic industrial issues.

And frankly, I was more than pleased to meet again a piece of audio tech created and engineered with such a respect for the environment, natural resources and similar issues, while still be able to maintain its specs in the high-end top-drawer. We're talking a very nifty piece of iPod docking technology, far better than your common dozen-a-dime plastic cheap crap you see everyday by the ton.

This iPod speaker system has been crafted entirely from select wood and manually-assembled and finished: it's a no-nonsense tabletop loudspeaker system which will look awesome wherever might you think to place it, from bedroom to the living room, from the kitchen to the fireplace mantlepiece and even more, in your elegant office.

With its natural cherry veneer and smoothly rounded edges, the Versaudio Vers 2X has a small footprint and can be placed in almost any corner of your room; even more, you don't have to worry about matching it with your décor: its timeless design will most likely fit with anything, anywhere, for a most successful setting. Running on a pair of 3" full-range speakers in a stereo configuration, the Versaudio Vers 2X packs in 20W per channel for a hefty and solid sonic reproduction; the dual flared round-hole bass reflex ports in the back help producing more LF with less noise and distortion, in spite of the rather small cabinet dimensions.

The Versaudio Vers 2X also comes with a neat full-function remote control with sleek brushed metal housing and no less than 14 buttons, putting you in control of the dock and iPod as well. You can connect even your MP3 players other than iPod, using the supplied 3.5mm jack and enjoy rich audio from your portable digital gadgets; in this case, the remote will restrict its operations to volume up/down.

This speaker system is indeed a "green" one as its casing is being crafted from wood coming from sustainable plantations, the assembling is made using screws rather than chemical glues and everything disposable, including wrapping or packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and is completely recyclable as well. Well, this small jewel retails for an awesome price less than $150 and makes quite a nifty investment for you or a great present for someone you really appreciate.

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