Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kit of development of iPhone could be for briefing

The Apple will be able to present already in the next week so waited kit to development for iPhone, a set of applications that will go to allow the programmers to create tools for Smartphone of the company

The information is advanced for the Information Week that discloses that the specialized press already was invited by the Apple for the presentation of a Roadmap for the software of iPhone.

In this presentation, marked for the headquarters of the company in California, the announcement of new functionalities for enterprise users of Smartphone is also foreseen.

The kit of development of iPhone is to be waited has already some months for North American, anxious the community of programmers for developing tools that can be used in that already he is as Smartphone more sold in U.S.A., behind the BlackBerry.

Currently already some applications developed for the device exist, but none is official.

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