Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Freeloader, a Portable Solar Recharger

The Solar company Technology presents Freeloader 8,0, a recharger with solar panels for portable its gadgets that she is light, compact and easy to keep inside of the knapsack. With it you never more go to be without energy in its iPhone, iPod, cellular or PDA.

The internal battery of the Freeloader can be recharged with the energy of the sun, on in the taking or in the USB of its computer after loaded, the Freeloader can keep its more iPod functioning for 18 hours, a cellular one for more 44 hours, a PDA for more 22 hours and a PSP for more 2 hours and stocking!

The Freeloader comes with 11 adapters for different types of gadgets. It confers here a list of compatible devices with the Freeloader.

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