Wednesday, March 5, 2008

OpenFrame, an Inspired Fixed Telephone in iPhone!

The OpenFrame telephone was created by the company of John Sculley, that one still that it was CEO of apple, and remembers iPhone very, the spite of not being a cellular one. It goes to have a beautiful screen touchscreen with an interface in the style of iPhone, beyond one headset without wire making called voice.

The OpenFrame will have some models, all equipped with processors Freescale MX31 with two 600 Chips ARM11 of MHz. With the OpenFrame you go to be able to attend the videos in streaming, to see its photographs, to hear its favourite music’s, to sail more for web and.

This fixed telephone was created to be used with the net Wires of the American operator Verizon and other similar nets of other operators. The cost of the device must be subsidized by the operators not to weigh excessively in the pocket of the consumer.

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