Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Device takes sound of iPod for inside of the bathtub

Thinking about the ones that they insist on singing during the bath, a company of Hong Kong created a device that takes the sound of players of MP3 for inside of the bathtub, the swimming pool, the sea or where more the using choice to submerge.

The device is in exposition in the Cebit, the biggest fair of technology of the world, carried through in Hannover, in Germany. The event started in this Tuesday (4) and goes until Sunday (9)

Company of Hong Kong created nBath Wireless Speaker, a device that takes the sound of players of MP3 for inside of the bathtub

With watertight covering and format that it allows to float, nBath Wireless Speaker can be dived without suffering damages. The sound leaves loudspeakers that also have special covering. "The person can use in the bath or a party in the swimming pool. She even gives to hear underneath of the water ", affirms Jay Chen, manager business-oriented of the company.

NBath functions with stacks and system of transmission without wire of 2,4G Hz. In accordance with Chen, with only one player of MP3 -- between them iPod --, is possible is to use up to 50 loudspeakers, the 100 meters of distance. "During a party, instead of hearing the sound far of the swimming pool, it will be possible that each guest hears the music of close", says the executive.

The device has a recommended price of USS 27. For the time being, it is available in countries of the Europe and Asia, but it sings to sleep-tech it is in the Cebit wanting to find more deliverers. The company can only function as manufacturer -- others would print its mark in the product.
[folha online – Mayan Philip]

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