Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 is delayed until the 2009

It seems that finally the XPERIA X1 remains for second half of the year, not since had been rumoured, that would happen at the beginning of the 2009. But marks to speak them of a period of time as fourth or half of the year means to send to the product 10 days before the term finishes.

It knew that something thus had to happen, is not possible to be shown a great terminal as it is the XPERIA X1 and to hope that the terms are fulfilled. Usually it happens with almost all the terminals that usually change the present line of products of any mark, the XPERIA X1 is what iPhone has been for Apple, a course change, or that we hoped.

The bad news are that seeing the table of the launchings of the terminals of Sony Ericsson, the date of the X1 is of the 10 of February of 2009, that is to say, that until within a year will not be able to be seen in any side that is not in Internet or the great fairs.

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