Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Unlimited download site reviewed for the iPod and iPhone

A helpful review for all iphone or ipod owners looking to choose a download site of unlimited movies and music.

I have searched for sites that could answer my demands and most have all fell short. These are a few features I was looking for:
- Faster download speeds
- Unlimited Downloads
- Largest Music and Movie Selection
- Fast Search Tools
- No Per Download Fee
- Free 24 Hour Support
- Highest Quality MP3 Format
- No Spyware or Adware

As we all know itunes has dominated the market and had us think they were the only shop in town. After doing lots of searching I have come to love Once I saw the features and the amount of media to choose from, I was hooked. When I would purchase through itunes, I felt like I really had to make sure that what I was purchasing was what I wanted. I really like the idea of having unlimited downloads at my fingertips. It makes the iphone or ipod more valuable, because you can actually afford to fill it with content.

If you're just starting out with your iphone or ipod or have been using itunes for years, you won't be disappointed with this download site. Having access to unlimited downloads makes having the latest digital device that much more fun. Now I don't feel guilty for downloading movies or music when I want. Having all this media at your fingertips makes it real easy to overload your iphone or ipod.

Warning: Downloading Songs and Movies can become addicting.


by /24-7PressRelease/ - December 29, 2007

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