Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to Access Google Maps on iPhone

Apple's new iPhone is far much more than just a phone or media player. One of the features that sets the iPhone apart is its seamless integration with Google Maps. Using your iPhone, you can access Google Maps to get directions, find the location of someone you know or even see a an image of a given place. Follow these steps to use the iPhone's Google Maps application.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Open the application. To open the iPhone's Google Maps application just tap the "Maps" icon on the main menu. This opens the maps application, with the search field at the top of the screen and a given map below.

Step 2
Search the map. To search for a given destination tap the search field to bring up your key board. Enter the address or location you are searching for with as much specificity as possible and the tap "Search."

Step 3
Zoom in and out. To make a part of the map field larger either double tap part of the map or pinch out to zoom in. To zoom out either pinch the map again or tap the map with two fingers instead of one.

Step 4
Select a location. If the iPhone recognizes a location, such as a particular Starbucks, that you search for a pin appears on the location. Tap the pin to bring up information on that location and to use one-touch calling to initiate a call with that business or residence.

Step 5
Use the satellite view. At any point, you can use the satellite view instead of the maps view by simply tapping "Satellite." This option gives you a satellite image of the place you want to see. Use the zoom in and zoom out features the same way as you did on the map and scroll around by tapping on various quadrants of the image to recenter it.

Step 6
Get directions. To get directions tap the black icon that has a white up and down arrow. Enter your starting and end location in the respective fields. To use a location from your bookmarks tap the open book icon (the Bookmark icon) for either field to select the location. To see directions one step at a time tap "Start" and then use the directional arrows to page through the directions. To see all the directions at once tap "List" and the full directions show.
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