Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New iPhone can be Newton of next generation, says colunist

Idea of the reincarnation of Newton gains force favours to iPod and to iPhone, it ponders.

“Os sites of rumors have very come speaking on the resurrection of Newton MessagePad. Although officially buried it has one decade almost, the rumors had gained more breath this year when Steve Jobs [ director-president of the Apple ] presented iPhone as a combination of ‘celular, iPod and practical navagador of Internet’”, Daniel Eran Dilger in article published in the RoughlyDrafted says.

According to it, in the beginning iPhone seemed to be the Jobs version of Newton, but later that iPod touch disclosed the plans of long stated period of the Apple to extend its gamma of devices, the idea of an assistant tablet gained new credentials as real possibility.

Dilger sees in the past of the Apple tracks of as it will be the future and it analyzes in depth the belief of that Jobs is “anti-Newton”, as well as it speaks of the history of the device, of the many reasons for the which Jobs it ordered it for the sepulture, of the descent of Newton (iPod and iPhone) and of the future possibilities in its complete article.

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