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How to Unlock the iPhone

Before you begin to use your iPhone, you have to unlock it. Unlocking the device means having a cell phone service plan in place prior to activation. Without service from the current providers, the iPhone will not work. You may also temporarily lock and unlock your iPhone when you are not using it.

Difficulty: Easy
Unlock and Begin Using the iPhone

Things You'll Need
Credit card
Cell phone service contract
Mac or Windows-based computer
iTunes program and account
Step 1
Sign up for cell phone service with a carrier that participates with the iPhone. Refer to the paperwork included with your iPhone for specific company and length-of-contract information. You can usually create your account online or at a brick-and-mortar store.
Step 2
Plug the dock connector USB cable into the dock. The dock is a small holder that allows your iPhone to stand up while it is connected to your computer or while the battery is charging.
Step 3
Place the other end of the dock cable into a USB 2.0 port on your computer. Use one of the ports located on the computer itself, as the keyboard port does not have enough power for the iPhone.
Step 4
Insert the iPhone into the dock. Download the latest version of iTunes if you do not already have it on your computer. This is the application that transfers information between your iPhone and computer. You can download the program from the iTunes website (see Resources below).
Step 5
Create an iTunes account. When you make purchases from iTunes, your fees will be charged to a credit card. You will have to input the credit card information at this stage.
Step 6
Respond to various instructions that appear on your computer screen. Your iPhone is being unlocked and registered.
Step 7
Check your iPhone for a message from your new service provider. This tells you the iPhone is ready to use.

Unlock and Lock the iPhone Temporarily
Step 1
Lock your iPhone if you are not using the touch screen features. You will still be able to receive telephone calls. Press and hold down the "Sleep/Wake" button.
Step 2
Unlock the iPhone when you are ready to use it again. Hold down the "Sleep/Wake" button and drag the red slider across the screen.
Step 3
Use one keystroke to unlock your iPhone quickly by touching the "Home" button.

Tips & Warnings
If you do not have an existing account with a participating iPhone service provider, you can usually transfer your old cell phone number to your new iPhone. You must start service with a participating cell phone company in order to make the switch. The minimum age to apply for a new cell phone contract for the iPhone is 18 years.

iTunes to transfer information between your iPhone and computer
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