Friday, January 4, 2008

How to Set iTunes to Automatically Update Songs on an iPod

You can set iTunes to automatically update songs on an iPod. iTunes and the iPod were designed to automatically communicate with each other at the first sign of contact. Once the iPod is connected to the PC the syncing process with begin almost immediately. This sync changes the iPod’s library to perfectly match the iTune’s library and any updated or new playlists that may have been added.

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Download iTunes. You first need to download iTunes. iTunes can be aquired through Apple’s Web site, as well a number of iPod partnering Web sites. iTunes is the media library application that is designed to be compatible with your iPod, so it is the best application for the job.

Step 2
Enhance your iTunes library. Fill your iTunes library with songs that you have legally downloaded, or tracks that you have ripped from your personal CD collection. Downloading can be done legally from a number of different file sharing applications, however, to ensure that your files are compliant with your iPod, it is safest to download songs directly from iTunes.

Step 3
Organize your music files. Before transferring your songs to your iPod you want to take the time to organize your iTunes library and playlists, as your iPod’s music library will directly resemble your iTunes library.

Step 4
Using the cord that came with your iPod, connect your iPod to your computer. iTunes will immediately begin syncing with your iPod. This process basically clones the music library on your iTunes application and automatically transfers it to your iPod.
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