Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to Unlock an Apple iPhone

When Apple released the iPhone it was not widely known that it only allowed users to use a pre-chosen service provider. If you were with another provider and didn't want to switch companies your iPhone was useless to you. Thanks to curious and clever minds, there is now a way to unlock the iPhone in about 30 minutes. You will be able to use any SIM card. Read on to learn more.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Step 1
Check your firmware by dialing *300112345#*. This is an emergency dial and will get through even though you do not have service. The firmware should be 03.14.08._G and you may continue with the following instructions. If the firmware is 04.01.13._G, you have the update and the following directions will not work. Don't stress as there is a way to unlock your iPhone, it will just cost you a few bucks via the Internet.
Step 2
Download iTunes version 7.3.2 and iBrickr to your computer. You will need THIS version of iTunes. While downloading, extract all files to your hard drive. Attach your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable. Run the iBrickr program by following the installation directions that are available onscreen.
Step 3
Click the "Sweet" button during the running of iBrickr and you will see a screen on your phone with the following 4 options,"Ringtones," "Sounds," "Applications" and "Files." If you do not see the screen, hit F5 to refresh the connection.
Step 4
Download the lockdownd from your computer to your phone while using the iBrickr software. Find "/user/libexec/ on the right hand of the screen. Click "Upload" and select the file "Lockdownd." Navigate back 2 screens using the "Up" button at the top of the screen. Look for "/var/root/Library/Lockdown/" and click it. Upload data_ark.plist, device-private-key.pem and device_public_key.pem. Say yes to overwrite the existing files on the iPhone. These files are the You Tube certificate files.
Step 5
Return to the main page of iBrickr on your computer and click on the "Applications" button. Follow the instructions as they appear on your screen to install any third party applications you wan ton to your phone. You may have restart several times depending on how many and which applications you install. When done installing your iPhone will do a soft reboot and then you click "Installer" on the iPhone screen.
Step 6
Connect to the internet when the phone prompts you if you aren't already connected. On the top of the iPhone screen select "Update" and it will bring up a new Installer, run that by selecting it. Click "Update" to run all new updates and then return to the home screen where you will now need to install "Community Sources."
Step 7
Return your attention to your PC and the iBrickr program. Click "Browse Applications" and select "anySIM" to install it. This will run and when it is done you will have "anySIM" icon on your iPhone screen. If the icon does not show up go to your iPhone, open "Safari" and type in Say "Yes" to "Add a new Package Source" when prompted. Back up to the home screen and scroll down towards the bottom of the list of Applications. Under "Utilities" tap "anySIM" to install it and select "Yes" when prompted with a warning box. Hit "Home" and let your phone refresh.
Step 8
Navigate to "Settings," "General" then "Autolock." Set this to "Never." Go back to the home screen and tap on "anySIM." Slide the bar over and set it to "Unlock," read the screen carefully and select the red button. Relax and let the program run until it tells you it is finished.
Step 9
Install any SIM card that you wish to use from any cell phone service provider. You should get a signal right away.
by eHow Electronics Editor

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