Friday, January 18, 2008

know how to use the new technologies not to be deaf

It is enough to walk for the streets, shoppings, beaches and there they are they. The MP3 (for the antenados ones, MP4 or MP5) are in all the parts. Small, practical, unglued, pretty, them they had come to be, they affirm the aficionados ones for new technologies. The temptation to increase a bit more the sound is great, but it can cost expensive for the ears.

according to otorrinolaringologista Flávia Ribeiro Viera Gomes de Freitas nor all give much attention for one badly that it can delay years to become irreversible. If our ears are prepared to support lesser continuous sounds of that 85 decibels, the 108 decibels produced for the aparelhinhos in the maximum volume are more of the one than enough to finish with any hearing.

E is in high and good sound that, mainly adolescent, likes to hear musics, as counts student Thiago Mascarenhas, of 13 years. "To the night, lower, but of day, I place in the maximum". According to it, later that it disconnect the device, it feels difficulty to understand what the people speak because of the humming in the ear. The alert otorrino that this sensation occurs when has exposition the high sounds, that can cause auditory loss if the abuse will be recurrent.

"the high sound has cumulative effect, how much bigger the time of exposition, greaters the injury possibilities. In the start this auditory loss is transitory, but later it it starts to be irreversible. Then it is interesting always to be intent the symptoms as buzzed, irritability. If you sound passes a period hearing and later, without the sound, the ear feels as if the ear was full of water or with cotton inside, it is signal of that this noise was harmful ", affirms.

Some tips can be useful to discover if the volume of player is or not above of the bearable one: if somebody to come close itself to the person who is with the earphone and to obtain to hear the sound, is because he is high. If who is hearing music does not obtain to hear a external sound, as a call of another person, also is hour to lower the volume.

E, according to doctor, all are susceptible the loss of hearing for account it high level of noise. In the white men of clear eyes they are more citizens to the loss of hearing because of the racket. The reason, according to it, is unknown, however the data show that the incidence is bigger in these cases.
[Gazeta Online - Fernanda Zandonadi]

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