Monday, January 14, 2008

Griffin TuneBuds Mobile and SmartTalk for iPhone [CES 2008]

Between new products of Griffin there are two new earpieces, Griffin TuneBuds Mobile that is solely compatible with iPhone.

If you do not want the bad earpieces of iPod/iPhone and in addition you want to maintain the microphone of free hands that incorporates, the options are few. Griffin follows in its line, good products for Apple that it does not have to envy to other more expensive marks, these earpieces include the microphone and the audio entrance of special of iPhone.

This it is the adapter Griffin SmartTalk, that is all the opposite who the previous one, is compatible with the entrance of audio of iPhone and in his other end it includes a microphone, but, on the contrary that TuneBuds Mobile does not have earpieces, it lets you the election to you comrpar others or those that soles to use commonly.

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