Monday, January 14, 2008

iPhone like Webcam, best to wait for iPhone 3G

When one says that iPhone is gadget of the year, perhaps it is by all the new features that developer as Ecamm is removing from this telephone. This boy has managed to create an application able to transmit video through the camera of iPhone as if one webcam was. Mac sends the video signal to another one to use with any program like Skype, iChat or even PhotoBooth, to if that any application that uses webcam could be used, until the sites of steaming in direct like Qik.

The application is called iPhonecam (obvious), and is no sent version, even is more, are undergoing the Digg effect and the intermittently fallen servant this. The truth, is better to be expected to iPhone 3G, porque… it will bring frontal camera? It is a sweepings, and in Spain four cats use, but for things thus via WiFi he would be perfect (first time that I see a positive part the frontal cameras of a telephone).

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