Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to Get Someone to Stop Playing that One Song Over and Over

Music can enhance our lives and enrich us, and it provides a soundtrack to our work and play. Everyone has a favorite song and every once in awhile someone decides to play their favorite song over and over with no regard for their neighbors. When this happens, music can become a drill, boring into our heads and psyches. Then the music must be stopped by any means necessary.

Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need

Gift basket
Ransom note

Step 1
Ask them to stop playing the song. It's so simple that it just might work.
Step 2
Give them a "gift basket" of alternative music. Give them a selection of free songs and the offending one might be forgotten.
Step 3
Play your music louder than they do.
Step 4
Call the cops. This is a cowardly way out, but sometimes you just have to do the cowardly thing for sanity's sake.
Step 5
Enter their house and remove every copy of the song they own. Make sure you get the CD, any MP3s, the copy stored on their laptop, and the one on their home computer. Leave their radio stuck on a talk radio channel, and rip off the tuning knob. Just kidding, of course.

Step 6
Kidnap their lawn gnome and hold him for ransom until they stop playing that song.

Step 7
Train your dog to howl on command and make the song the command. Chain your dog to their front porch.

Tips & Warnings
If you know someone at the local power plant, have them cut the power to your neighbor's house. This is a temporary fix, but it buys you some music-free time.
Almost all of these steps are actually not recommended at all. Simply be nice and polite and know that eventually the music will stop.
by eHow Health Editor

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