Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How To Install Qtopia

Verified on 605 30GB - should work on other 5 series and 604 WiFi

1) Make a backup of all your data & files!!!

2) Make sure it's backed up!!!

3) Download the image at: http://download.openpma.org/test/openpma-ng-0.1.0-test080110.zip

4) Make sure your archos is in hard drive mode, and plug it into your computer

5) Unzip the image, and put the two files in the root directory of your archos. The root directory is what you get when you double-click the icon for your archos - the top level of the file structure.

6) Connect to a wireless network.

7) Click the wireless icon, scroll down, and select "Wireless File Server..."

8) Set Write Access to "On"

9) In Password, type the following (WITH QUOTES):

"1;/mnt/data/openpma-ng.sh;/bin/chown -R nobody:nobody /home/nobody"

10) activate

11) After a little while, a window will pop up. Press "Shutdown File Server"

12) Go back to the main screen of your archos

13) Go to file manager (the top-right icon)

14) Change into "info"-folder

15) Scroll to the bottom and open the PDF file openpma-NG. Qtopia should open after a short load

If this doesn't work:

A) Make sure you have the 1.7.06 or 1.7.13 firmware

B) Reformat your archos

Retrieved from "http://www.openpma.org/gen4/How-TO:_Install_Qtopia"

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