Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How to repair your Video iPod Gen 5

Welcome to your Gen 5 Video iPod Repair Guide

Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need
Tools Needed • Soft Tools – used to open the case without scratching. Available at • Small Flat Head & Phillips ScrewDrivers • Long Nose Pliers (optional) • ESD Bracelet
Step 1
Step 2
Lets get started!

Step 3
Opening the Case
• It’s best to start from the side. (Be careful around the hold switch and headphone jack)
• It’s easier if you use one soft tool to hold the gap open and then wedge another one in there to work your way side to side.
• There are several clips holding the frame in place so gently pry up and down while you are moving side to side.

Step 4
Place it face down
• The case is still attached by 2 ribbons at this point so don’t try to remove the back just yet.

Step 5
Disconnect the Battery
• Use a flat head screw driver to gently pry up on the brown tab shown. This will release the battery cable. At this point you can replace the battery with a new one if necessary.

Step 6
Lift the Hard Drive out of the way
• Lift the Hard Drive and lay it as shown. Be careful because it is still attached at this point. This will expose the headphone and hold switch cable.

Step 7
Remove the Headphone and Hold Switch Cable
• Use a flat tool to pry up on the brown tab shown and then you can easily remove the orange cable.

Step 8
• Now you should be able to remove the back casing completely as shown.

Step 9
Remove the Hard Drive
• The Hard Drive cable is held in place by the black latch shown above

Step 10
Remove the HD IDE Cable
• Use the soft tool and flip the latch up

Step 11
• Using your forceps you can gently remove the Hard Drive Cable.

Step 12
• Once removed you can set the Hard Drive aside.

Step 13
Remove the HD cable from the Logic Board.
• To do this simply flip the brown latch shown above up and you should be able to wiggle the cable free. Be careful the cables are delicate.

Step 14
Removing 6 screws
• There are 3 phillips screws on each side holding the silver frame to the outer casing. Remove the screws now.

Step 15
Pry the Silver Casing loose
• Using a flat tool pry the silver away from the black. Be gentle

Step 16
Freeing the LCD Cable from the Logic Board
• Using a soft tool flip the black latch up.

Step 17
Removing the LCD Cable from the Logic Board
• Using the forceps or your fingers gently pull the cable free. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!!! The cables are sensitive.

Step 18
Slide the LCD free
• You can slide the LCD out once you have the silver metal frame free.

Step 19
Viewing the back of the logic board

Step 20
Close up of ClickWheel Connector
• Flip the black latch up if you need to remove the ClickWheel.

Overall Tips & Warnings
Go in reverse order to insert a replacement part.

This is the End of our Guide. If you feel we left something out or wish to request more information please contact us at or
1-888-IPOD-FIX is not responsible for any damage to you or your iPod when attempting to follow these guides. These guides are for informational purposes only. If you need a professional installation please visit or call 1-888-IPOD-FIX
by iPodRepairSquad

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