Monday, April 7, 2008

The UE will allow the use of the moving body in airplanes until the 3.000 meters

Surroundings are seen a little more light in the European Union the use of the moving body in the airplanes. The European Commission this preparing the measures that the airlines it has to fulfill so that it can offer a service of calls within the airplanes.

The measures that are created could reach to calls and SMS, are not made echo of the data transfer to be able to use the connections like ports to connect itself to Internet, but something leaves sure the Maxima height that can reach are the 3.000 meters of height.

This clear one that it lacks very little so that the moving body in the airplanes can be used, on the one hand is good because it allows you to be official notice in these routes, but tell me if it is not truth that the airplanes are until the moment the only site where you can be calm without nobody shouts to him to another person by the moving body or without listening to “chiqui chiqui” like polyphonic of some “persona”.

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