Friday, April 11, 2008

BD Touch, iPhone like accessory of Blu-ray reproducers

What If it does not serve iPhone?… Really, for some reason that single has answer in the head of the Mac Fans, the products of Apple usually have tens of applications more than for the one than they were prepared, and almost always thanks to developments of third as in this case.

The NetBlender company has developed to an application for iPhone call BD Touch that allows you to do streaming of the video in high resolution that your reproducer of Blu-ray this reproducing.

BD Touch works as long as the reproducer has the technology BD Live that allows you to interact with the Blu-ray discs. It has a catalogue of films including and while you are seeing one any it shows some related films to you or that are available for the rent.

Without doubt an interesting application for any lover of the high resolution, that if, iPhone is not able to reproduce video in HD and added to the size of the screen, that he is not indeed most comfortable, it can be moderately interesting.

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