Friday, April 11, 2008

Sony BDZ-A70 and BDZ-T90, Blu-ray reproducers, DVR and synchronization with PSP

Sony follows with the idea to monopolize all your digital life completely, sending to two new reproducers and recorders, Sony BDZ-A70 and Sony BDZ-T90.

The model Sony BDZ-A70 is a reader and recorder, has integrated a Blu-ray reproducer, that stops something is Sony. But he has very interesting options, as the one to record video to the internal hard drive of 320GB and to turn that video a format adapted for its two small jewels: PSP and Walkman. It does not have much mystery, Sony has simplified to the maximum the task of passing video from an apparatus to another one, single pressing a key the video available or the one is transferred by 2,0 USB that selections.

It includes analogical and digital tuner, with TrueCinema support 24p. As far as the T90, it is to call it of some form, the older brother, with a hard disk of 500GB and a minimum price of 1658 dollars. Unfortunately for us, luckily for our credit cards, available so far single in Japan.

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