Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The definitive test of iPhone 3G

That 3G is iPhone all we know it, that is going away to send in next the 55 days, good, that this to see but , thatiPhone 3G would have much more to be fast that the first version, surely yes good, that is evident. But nothing of this is confirmed on the part of that there is to believe: Apple until now.

The developer of the iPhone found the evidence that 3G that is going to take, in the last beta of the SDK for iPhone is iPhone has been the reference to a new chip 3G with name SGOLD3, that in fact is the name that occurs him to chip PMB 8878 created by Infineon (PDF).

If this turns out to be truth, we spoke of which iPhone 3G will be in fact iPhone 3.5G since this chip is HSDPA and WCDMA, aside from using the previous networks with EDGE, GPRS and GSM.

But gentlemen and ladies, more interesting things, this chip supports until 5 cameras of megapixels, does not mean that new iPhone takes it, if not that simply is able to support them, but to dream it is free. Also it supports video MPEG4/H.263, but iPhone present also does.

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