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Test digital players that excuse recharge

Moved the solar energy, devices also can load other devices.
For reporter, machines still need to evolve in design and functionality.

OK. The glaciers are melting, the polar bears are in extinguishing and all the properties of front for the ocean in briefing will go to be located in the Philadelphia. But they wait a little; see the things for the good side. They consider the following one: the new ambient conscience is giving to origin to a wave of innovation in all the categories of the technology - including audio and video players. You can ask yourself: how he is possible if to become ecologically correct with these devices?

Being total self-sufficient in terms of power plant, for example. Already two tocadores exist thus: Media Solar Street eMotion (price between USS the 160 USS190, and the 4 capacity varying of 1 gigabytes) and the Baylis Echo Measured Player (USS 200, of 2 gigabytes). None of the two needs batteries or handle of force: they can function in completely self-sufficient way.

EMotion Solar (so great of 5,5 x 3 x 1 count) opens done a book, disclosing two great black solar panels. To load the device, it is enough to place it in the sun - in the railing of a window, for example. Exactly in one day darkened, the light that indicates recharger goes to light. The battery is recharged after 12 or 15 hours of exposition to the solar light, what the manufacturer affirms to be enough for 9 hours touching music. The Echo Player, on the other hand, has a small winch. To twirl the winch finishes being amused, thanks to the certain amount of resistance. In accordance with the company manufacturer, one minute turning the device generates enough force for 40 minutes of music. A battery with full load can touch 20 hours of music, or 10 of video.

Other attractive ones

But now, being realistic, the digital players are not accurately what it has of more dangerous in the list of the most looked by emissions of the gases that cause effect greenhouse. Each small effort already aid, is clearly, but the snows of the Kilimanjaro Mount had not melted because you iPod walked hearing much Heavy Metal in its. Fortunately, the self-sufficient players have other attractive ones. They are indispensable for travellers, fans for encampments and any one that plans to be far of a taking for some time.

Really, Solar and the Echo Player is made of robust form, with rubber surfaces that do not scratch. It also has a characteristic bond: you can use portable the players to recharge others gadgets. Yes, these devices can help other equipment that is not environmentally efficient to evolve in the direction of the self-sufficiency. To make with that this functions, you have that to connect its secondary device in the entrance of USB of the Echo Player being used appropriate the adapting handle.

EMotion Solar comes more with 12 connections of this type, directed toward cellular and things that can be loaded with an entrance USB. The Echo Player, on the other hand, only recharges cellular (it comes with five connections) and you have that to use the winch. A final attraction, for who does not even go to leave for their catching hitchhiking: these machines are between the first products to approach little argued question of the Syndrome of Fatigue of Accessories. All time that you purchase a new electronic equipment - a telephone, a camera, a player - you are not only adding an item to the list of you sewed that it has that to lead, to watch and to take care of, you are adding two or three.

If you it will have several of these equipment, he will be exhausting to organize and to monitor all these gadgets. These two new ecological players, however, can completely be self-sufficient. Both come with phones and a secondary shipment method (eMotion Solar have a traditional solar adapter; each player can be recharged to the on being in entrance USB of a computer) - but nothing of this he is necessary. You can play in a alone knapsack, without any handle or accessory, and can recharge it in the sun or with the winch and hear music with the inlaid loudspeakers.


All good, now you know on the incredible capacity of conservation of energy of these devices. But as they function as players of music and video? Hmmm... Well... Ei, will be that I mentioned that they can recharge its cellular one? It is well, we go to admit: when compared with fine design of software of iPOD and the Zune, these players seem Neanderthals. The menus coarse and claustrophobics ealth, and in both the messages appear in the Selectric source, that remembers the Courier, without rolling for scroll or touch pad for navigation. You up and down sail for the lists pressuring the arrows.

The Solar Player, then, is a disaster. It seems a Game Boy with a screen of 3,5 counts and entrance for two phones. Unhappily, the buttons also seem of the Game Boy, with two groups of four buttons in opposing cantos. The problem is that a control does not exist alone for volume, Play/Pause, Previous/Next and thus for ahead; all the functions of playback had been directed for the game buttons. To learn to use them is as to play of hide-it hides clicking. My sample of the Solar my for the summary also stopped very, what the manufacturer affirms to be uncommon.

The Baylis Echo Measured Player is very lesser, seems small walk-talkie. Its monitor colourful is small little luminous e, with 1,8 counts, but it functions. Software is relatively easy to use, but in this in case that also design if support in resources doubtful, as touched buttons that make something when of light and another one when pressured. Another reason for which these echo-machines are not iPods: to load them with music, video, text and archives of photo is a total manual operation. You connect the player to the computer with a handle USB and later she drags the archives for its icon of desktop. Formats of audio with protection against copies cannot be used.

Each player it recognizes only one format of video; in case that you it has videos in other formats, it will have that to only convert using them utilitarian pra Windows. You can increase the capacity of storage with a card of memory SD (of up to 2 gigabytes for Solar and the 8 for the Echo). In summary, the fans of elegance and simplicity can be red when trying to decipher these players "green". But the fanatic ones for new features go to have fun themselves very. The two devices touch music, videos and show photos. But they also have microphones inlaid for writing of audio.
Computerized voice

The Echo Player has an entrance in line for audio conversion of analogous (of ribbons cassettes or record player) for digital archives. Both the machines can show text archives, so that you it reads e-books comfortable. EMotion Solar presents each line of text with an alive red rectangle - plus a characteristic of design that left me perplex - but offers to a characteristic bond crazy: it is capable to read the texts in high voice, with a computerized sound reasonable fluid, while you follow in front.

The two players have excellent incorporated radios FM they. E both, for incredible that it seems, has connected lanterns LED - cool. EMotion Solar goes beyond the limits of the strange with the inclusion of four old games, case you plans to be isolated in one (sunny) desert island. Of this skill, at least, those buttons style Game Boy make sensible. These eccentric machines are as that autistic with mathematical abilities: half confused half brilliant. In terms of refinement of software and eccentricity, them they seem to have left direct years 80. E still thus, its capacity to load itself exactly and to other devices function incredible well - so well that, in the truth, you it has that if to ask what is that they remain of the world of the electronic is waiting.

If you really like to camp - or he is a tired executive warrior to play "As To connect my Device" - then, you can be valid to the penalty to support a little the eccentricities of these devices. The Baylis Echo Measured Player, with its magnificent sound and so great of tolerable pocket, it is especially appreciable. If you are not in none of the described categories above, you consider the possibility to only acquire one of these players if the characteristic of emergency energy will be useful for you. If not, it faces these devices as the commission of front of new and very a promising world of environmental correct products.

* David Pogue is a reporter of technology of the "The New York Teases". Book author diverse, it also is responsible for Manual the Missing series that teaches as to use computer programs.

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