Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two New Bluetooth Powered DAPs from Sony

Behold Sony's shiny new NW-A829 with 16GB of internal memory, and the NW-A828 with 8GB of internal memory. Our two DAPs support OF course MP3, WMA, ATRAC Advanced Lossless, Sony PCM, and AAC and HE-AAC audio file formats. Nothing too fancy so far? Well hold on...

Our DAPs are only 9.3mm thin (50.2x93.6x9.3mm at just 59g), and have been given a Bluetooth module allowing you to enjoy a wireless audio experience for just around 36h (maximum battery life span); or 10h if you want to use your DAP as a PMP since you're also able to enjoy video on our little Walkmans.

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