Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TG Favicon

TG, known for their PC in Korea, presents the Favicon, a Semi Portable Navigation Device (SPND) with many sweet things...this product actually is a PMP-DMB-Navi device running on Windows VISTA, you know how much our Korean friends love to make "All-in-One" goodies...

The Favicon is a killer, it features a Freescale 532MHz CPU (i.MX31), GPS with Transport Protocol Export Group (TPEG) which means you can get infos about the state of the traffic, Dual DMB and PiP, so that when you get stuck in a traffic jam because you didn't check the TPEG in time, you can still enjoy watching 2 TV channels at the same time, 4GB space, SD cards support, 7 inches WVGA screen, multimedia player...all this for a cool 399.000 Won (288€).

Let's hope TomTom makes a similar product because the Favicon may never cross Korean borders.

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