Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Creative MuVo T200

Remember, it was last September HERE that Creative announced in Singapore its MuVo T100, a reader MP3 taking again a similar design with the iPod shuffle 1G which proposes to you a capacity of 2Go or 4Go, compatibility MP3/WMA, the UMS.

The function Bass Boost and an autonomy of 10h, the whole in 77,49x24,99x8,9mm for 17,8g. And well, as one could suspect it, Creativehas just announced for Japan (for the moment) MuVo T200 which only takes again the characteristics of T100 with a capacity of 2Go but with in exchange a screen OLED, a tuner FM and the whole in 77,7x25x11mm for 20,6g.

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