Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Microsoft acquires the Danger in new onslaught in the mobility area

Social Games, nets, chat and access to the InterNet are between the services offered for the company acquired for cellular as the Sideckick.

The Microsoft announced another onslaught in the market of mobile devices of consumption with the acquisition of the Danger, desenvolvedora of software and mobile services of California (U.S.A.).

Social Games, nets, access to the InterNet, email and instantaneous communicator are between the services offered for the Danger for cellular. The device more popular than embarks the operational system of the company is the Sideckick, manufactured for the Sharp and vendido by the T-Mobile operator.

The Microsoft did not disclose to the values da negotiation or ao will be gone to keep the support mobile operational system da Danger, already that it possesss its proper platform, the Windows Mobile.

The company indicated, however, that she intends to expand the use of the technology of the Danger beyond the cellular ones. The information suggests that the applications of its new acquisition can be integrated the services do MSN, Xbox, Zune, Windows Live and do Windows Mobile.

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