Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rumor: Creative Zen Share

A last rumor on Creative leaves something interesting, one of not very often that a rumor of Creative does, the truth.

The name of the next reproducer of Creative has been confirmed will be Creative Zen Share, with WiFi capacities. Well, up to here I believe that it is not necessary to be very ready to understand by where the shots go. I give seconds you, later you can continue reading.

Share + WiFi = Zune? That is what I remove in sure a reproductive multimedia able to share music, video or what demons you have in the hard disk of the reproducer with other people.

The question of the million is without a doubt that if this reproducer like single Zune will be able to share a limited number of times and if single it will be able to share with other Zen Share, because that is a problem, for that reason does not work Zune as it would have.

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