Tuesday, January 29, 2008

NuForce S-1 and Icon-1, loudspeakers and amplifier

I like these new loudspeakers that to us Nu-force offers, the S-1. Thought to accompany to our PC these loudspeakers they count on woofer of one inch and come accompanied from an amplifier, the NuForce Icon-1, offering 10w by channel.

It seems that not yet it has left the final version of this equipment audio, and the house insists on which they are left aspects to polish. As far as connectors, located in the frontal part of the amplifier, it counts on exit for earpieces, connector USB for the PC and peculiarly it uses RJ45 for the connection of the loudspeakers.

Not yet they are available, although it seems that we will not take in on sale seeing them by a price of $400 (270?).

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