Monday, January 28, 2008

DVico TVIX HD Network MultMedia Player with PVR and HDTV Tuner (IPC-M5110SH)

TViX HD MultiMedia player can playback high definition video (up to 1,920 X 1,080), DVD, digital still images and music files saved on its internal Hard Drive, USB Ports or on your computer via the LAN. With this digital juke box, you can enjoy the saved contents on TV any time you want. In addition, with the optional HDTV Tuner (TViX tuner T510) you can watch or record HDTV over the air. With the advance DVD play back functionality you can even create your own virtual DVD library by storing your private collection of DVDs in .ISO or .IFO format and watch them exactly as if they were running from the original DVDs.


Format: .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .iso .vob, .ifo, .mp4, .asf, .tp, .trp, .ts, .m2ts, .mov(H.264)
Supported Codec: MPEG 1 / 2 / 4, AVI, XVID, WMV9(MP@HL), H.264(BP@L3, MP@4.0 and HP@4.0) , AVC(HD) , VC-1(MP@HL, AP@L3)
Resolutions up to 1920*1080P
Video Output: HDMI, Component, S-Video, Composite; Audio Output: Coaxial, Optical / Analog: Stereo
Suported Sub-title formats: smi,sub,srt,lrc,txt
USB2.0 Host 2 Ports
Supports PVR Function when use with the optional TV tuner

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