Thursday, January 31, 2008

iLive iT188B, another loudspeaker with dock for ours iPod

Pretty and cheap it is east loudspeaker that presents/displays iLive to us with its model iT188B. The system tells in addition on dock that it goes to allow that we listen to the music of ours iPod -what reproductive if no? -.

iLive iT188B counts on 2 subwoofers, radio AM/FM, reloj/despertador and we will be able to control it by means of remote control. In addition it comes with auxiliary entrance and of video and its price is for thinking it, $100 to it that they come to be 67?.

Bond us brings nothing to us new, but it is a price than more advisable for which it does not look for anything sophisticated. As of April, he will be available to acquire.

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