Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to Replace your iPod Video's battery

Are you a cheap do it yourselfer like me? Did your sweet iPod Video's battery take a crap on your face conveniently a month after your 1 year warranty was up? Don't you fret now! You don't have to send your iPod back to Apple and pay the $60 fee for battery replacement.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need
iPod Video with dead/dying battery.
Small flathead screw driver. A small screw driver for glasses works perfectly. (Try Wal-mart's vision center)
Replacement battery (eBay ~$20 or check a search engine, there are sites that sell "battery replacement kits.")

Step One
Insert your screw driver and begin carefully prying the bottom right corner of the iPod Video between the acrylic and metal portions of the device. Use extra caution during this time as the metal screw driver could very well damage the acrylic.

Step Two
Now that you have a start it's a good idea to use some sort of plastic probe as a prying lever. (Two plastic pryer's came with my replacement battery.) Work your way up the length of the iPod towards the top.

Step Three
Round the corner and finish up the prying process.

Step Four
Your iPod should easily separate into two halves now. One side will contain the hard drive and the other will contain the battery.

Step Five
Carefully disconnect the battery power wire from the socket on the motherboard. There is a small blue piece of rubber that surrounds the socket for padding and can be taken out to more easily complete this step.

Step Six
Gently pry the battery from it's roost, it'll be haphazardly glued in so be gently with it. Pry around all edges of the battery until it comes free.

Step Seven
Insert the new battery in it's place and plug in the battery's power wire to the motherboard socket. This is actually a little tricky, I put a little bend in the end of the battery wire to create a small plane for my thumb nail to push it in snug. If you look at the original battery's wire it too will have similar bend in it. Replace the blue rubber piece that surrounds the motherboard socket.

Step Eight
Line up the two halves and gently snap them together. You may now charge your new iPod's new battery and feel free to do a small victory jig
by jimbot

Overall Tips & Warnings
*Opening your iPod will void your warranty!
*There is of course a small risk that you will damage the internal components of your iPod if you are not careful.
*If your iPod is still under warranty try your best to get the battery replaced for free!

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