Monday, December 3, 2007

How to Repair Your iPod Nano Gen 1

Welcome to the iPod Nano Gen 1 disassembly manual. These units are small and fragile so please use care when handling your unit.
Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need
Tools Needed • Soft Tools – used to open the case without scratching. Available at ipodrepairsquad dot com • Small Phillips head screwdriver - #00

Step One
Opening the Case
• Be sure the Hold Switch is turned on. You will see orange when you have the hold in the correct position.
• Using 1 soft tool wedge it into the side of the iPod. It is preferred to stay away from the hold switch and the headphone jack.
• Using a side to side motion, loosen the iPod while gently prying up and down. It can be helpful to insert 2 soft tools at once, using one to hold the gap open and the other to slide.
• There are several clips holding the case in place, so work your way around and pop one side off first, then proceed to the top or bottom and the case should snap right off.

Step Two
Dislodging the Battery
• Using a soft tool gently pry up on the battery from the edge shown. It is held on with some adhesive so you may have to work around the side as well.
• Once it is loose you should be able to flip the battery out but be careful because it is still soldered to the logic board.
• If you are replacing the battery you can either use the soldering method or the twisting method. These may be covered in separate manuals in the future. For now leave the battery attached.

Step Three
Removing the Logic Board
• There are four screws to remove as shown with the Red arrows in the picture above. These may be covered with tape. Be careful not to strip the screws.

Step Four
Free Logic Board From Clips
• Be sure to use a flat screwdriver to loosen the logic board from the 4 clips shown above so you will have more room to work with before you proceed to the next step.

Step Five
Removing the ClickWheel Ribbon
• We’ve found the best way is to hold the Nano between your thumb and first two fingers. You won’t have much room to work but it’s enough to get a small flat head screwdriver in there and lift the clip up.
• The ribbon is held in place by a connector on the logic board (see next step.)
• The black latch needs to be flipped to the up position as shown above and then the cable can be easily removed. If you’re holding it like shown flip the latch towards your thumb.

Step Six
Extra image of ClickWheel Connector referenced above

Step Seven
Removing the LCD
• The LCD is removed in the same way as the ClickWheel. Be sure not to damage the black clips.
• The black clips are a bit harder to snap back into place than they are to snap up, so we recommend using a flat tool so as to not put too much pressure on any one point of the black clip.

Step Eight
LCD is Now Free

Step Nine
Work in reverse order to install the necessary part you need.
by iPodRepairSquad
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