Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to Care for an iPod

Care for an iPod is similar to care for any other electronic portable device. Portable music players are delicate and do not respond well to excessive force, temperature extremes and moisture. Once you understand those basics, you will be able to care for any electronic device, including your iPod.
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Step One
Clean the iPod case and plastic shell and keep it looking good. Unplug anything you have connected to your iPod and lock the controls with the “Hold” button. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe away dirt and marks.

Step Two
Use the iPod in normal temperature conditions. The iPod is meant to function well in normal conditions, 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Running your iPod or even just storing your iPod in temperatures that exceed this range can permanently damage the device.

Step Three
Use gentle pressure to manipulate the controls or make cable connection. The cable connection ports contain many delicate pins, which are easy to bend or break. When a cable will not slide into the connector with gentle pressure, it is either incorrectly aligned or the cable is not suitable for that connector.

Step Four
Charge your battery fully to get the best life from the internal battery. The iPod displays several icons on the screen so that you can monitor the charging process. When the device is fully charged, it displays a green battery with a plug icon.

Step Five
Heed the “Do Not Disconnect” message. This message tells you that you must eject the iPod before disconnecting it from your computer. Ejecting the iPod takes a few clicks of the mouse and preserves your files from damage.

Step Six
Secure the iPod when you plan on biking, jogging or participating in any other physical activity while using the device. Make sure that the lanyard or any other wires can not become tangled or caught on yourself or your surroundings.
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