Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to Add a Contact to an iPod Address Book

You can add a contact to an iPod address book as long as you have the contact stored on your desktop computer. When you sync the iPod with the information on your hard drive, you can add the contact information and keep a list of your business contacts, friends or family along with your favorite tunes. Follow these steps to add a contact to an iPod address book.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need
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Step One
Use the USB cable to hook up the iPod to your desktop computer. Once you have made the connections, open iTunes on your desktop and start to synchronize the information on your computer with that inside your iPod.

Step Two
Pull down the iTunes “Source” pane and click on “Devices.” Pick “iPod” from the list of the devices to look over the iPod’s current preferences.

Step Three
Find the “Contacts” tab and check the “Synchronize Contacts From” checkbox. This will reveal a menu that gives you contact program options. These options will differ depending on your operating system.

Step Four
Select the program that has the contact information that you wish to transfer to your iPod. Now push the “Apply” button to finish the process.

Step Five
Check the contact information in the iPod. Go to the main menu and select “Extras.” From here, choose the “Contacts” option to take a look at what you have saved to your iPod.
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