Monday, March 10, 2008

A pair of new UMPC of Gigabyte

One burnishes surprise for the lovers of the UMPC, the Taiwanese Gigabyte this to send just a short time in two new UMPC, and one of them is this attractive M700, a UMPC with Vista Windows, a processor VIA to 1,2GHz, 2GB of ram memory, 40 or 60GB of hard disk and one screen of 7 inches with a Maxima resolution of 1024×600 pixels. It seems that the keyboard has it underneath the screen, but we cannot confirm it, because this image is the unique one that we have and does not explain much more.

The other model is M528, a UMPC with processor Intel Centrino Atom to 800MHz, with 512MB of ram and 4GB of memory SSD. Its screen is smaller, single 4.8 inches that reach 800×600 pixels, but that if, has one webcam of 3 megapixels, GPS, Bluetooth and an integrated modem HSDPA.

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