Monday, March 10, 2008

Apple presents/displays the SDK for iPhone (in June available), games, compatibility with MS Exchange and continues iPod Touch

In the end it has not been for as much the presentation of the SDK for iPhone, after the always impressive numbers of sales of iPhone has arrived the important thing, data of the SDK.

First that has happened it is that Phil Schiller announced the license of ActiveSync to be able to integrate MS Exchange with iPhone and that all the applications will work without problems from a Exchange servant.

Evidently the main announcement has turned out to be the SDK for iPhone, the same one that uses in Apple to create their applications. Some characteristics of this SDK are that Integra iPhone Simulator, a simulator that will allow you to prove any application in your Mac with no need to install it in iPhone.

Without a doubt, the application more interesting than has shown is AIM for iPhone, complete a IM by this protocol that will allow to connect you to accounts AIM and iChat.

Steve Jobs presented/displayed, like colophon to afternoon, App Store, with which you will be able to directly buy applications from your iPhone.

When we see all this? Then the launching is planned for June, in version 2,0 of firmware of the telephone, but today same the developers will be able to have a beta version to begin to program, that if, if you want developer of these applications and to put them under App Store on sale, you will have to pay a license of $99.

Users of iPod Touch. We can say that Apple we have put it doubled, pardon the language, but there is name no to describe that Apple forces to pay to you (again) by these characteristics, removed of the press note:

For Third party applications created the iPhone will also run on the iPod touch, and iPod touch users will be required to purchase to software update to run these applications.

That your God blesses to hackers that they develop applications of jailbreak, they will inherit the Earth!

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