Friday, February 15, 2008

Eyepod Cinema Glasses

There is nothing else no incomodo that to see a film in an airplane. First by the passenger that you have alongside, that does not let see it to you calm, also because often the audio one is a nastiness or simply because it is not worth the trouble to leave the neck in seeing by decima time Matrix. Before this problem it seems to me that there are two options, one is the one to fall asleep and to hope to that you do not happen through a zone of turbulences or to take control of of these glasses.

They are two small screens in designed glasses so that you do not see more light than the one of which one projects, thus if these traveling but even they have not extinguished the lights of the airplane or of any means in which you move to not they bother you. Segun says in the specifications, will seem that these seeing Matrix you (by doceava time) in a screen of 80 inches.

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