Monday, January 7, 2008

How to Sync the iPhone to iTunes

Music lovers who purchased the new iPhone can easily access their iTunes libraries. iTunes is the audio platform created by Apple to help computer owners manage their music downloads and podcasts. You can sync your iPhone to the iTunes inventory on your computer without additional purchases or software.

Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need

Step 1
Establish a connection between your computer and your iPhone using the included USB cord. This cord works with PCs and Macs to facilitate easy access to your iTunes menu.

Step 2
Open the iTunes program on your computer to begin downloading newly updated files. This program should open automatically after your computer recognizes the presence of the iPhone. Note any repeat instances where iTunes does not automatically open and report them to your local Apple store.

Step 3
Select the "Source" option in your iTunes menu to establish your iPhone as the final destination for your music downloads. You can set iPhone as your primary source in the "Advanced" menu section if you do not have other devices that use iTunes.

Step 4
Choose the "Auto Sync" tool in iTunes to update your iPhone library each time you connect the phone to your computer. You can simply press on the "Summary" tab at the top of iTunes and click the "Auto Sync" icon to make this your default sync option.

Step 5
Utilize the "Restore" icon on the iTunes Summary screen if there are technical problems during the synchronization process. This function will return to the default settings of iTunes and iPhone if you created conflicting commands or downloaded a corrupted file.

Step 6
Create individual playlists on your computer in order to save space on your iPhone. These playlists can include entire song collections by a particular artists or a mixture of your favorite songs. You can delete a matching number of songs as you upload files to keep your library clean.

Step 7
Maintain connection between your computer and your iPhone until the sync is completed. Your iTunes library will use a small pop-up indicating the completion of downloads to prevent you from losing progress.

Overall Tips & Warnings
Make a note on your calendar or planner to connect your iPhone to the computer each day. You should update your iPhone with daily podcasts and other downloads to keep your playlist fresh. Regular connections also point out technical problems with your phone's iTunes system and let you know how much memory you have left.
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