Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Device makes conversion of the direct vinyl record for iPod

Extremely specific applications had also been gifts in fair CES (Consumer Electronics Show), attracting attentions of fanatic audiófilos and for the most diverse niches of the technology and the common life.

A strange and amused device was shown by the Audio Ion ( One is about a system to directly convert its vinyl records for iPod or passing for iTunes. Spreading

Device shown in technology fair makes conversion of the direct vinyl record for iPod

The estranhamento sensation is that the traquitana so combines a dated device, so is of time as the record player (capable to touch until big cookies of 78 rotations, if it is that the readers youngest know what this is), with the icon of modernity. Everything with one design futurista, in metallic tones.

The name of geringonça is LP Dock. The price of the trick is of USS 299. Saying in trick, the fair it seemed to show that the companies of the sound area exactly want to gain the public for the good mood.

This age the spirit, for example, of the boxes of sound for iPod and similars that pululavam for estandes. An amused device was the Ladybug, of the Vesta-life (, with design inhaled in joaninhas: the boxes of sound if open as wing, and the body is the base of touches-MP3.

The conventional line is all silverplated red or, but the line Element Skateboards is decorated with diverse subjects, supposedly similar to the skatista culture. It goes to know...


The fair Consumer Eletronics Show goes until thursday (10), with presentation of approximately 27 a thousand products of the main electronic companies of the planet. Rodolfo Lucena, publisher of Computer science of the responsible Leaf and for blog Integrated Circuit of the Online Leaf, speaks directly of Las Vegas, in the United States. It confers below its story and it also sees the gallery of images of the event.
[RODOLFO LUCENA - Special envoy of the Leaf the Las Vegas]

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