Thursday, December 27, 2007

Software Vista converts videos into DVD for iPhone

The MadZ Software presented a new version of the program of conversion of the formats of video in DVD for iPhone and iPod Touch. The newness is the compatibility with the operative system Windows Vista.

This application goes to allow to owners of any one of the new devices of the Apple to transfer to video filing-cabinets gifts in DVDs to its computer, in such a way to convert them for the format used for iPhone as for iPod Touch and to send them for the respective device, where it could be seen without difficulties, discloses to the site eHome Upgrade.

Software allows to transfer to videos of practically almost all the types of DVD, since original records the copies or that they have unloaded contents of the InterNet.

Other characteristics of the converter include the possibility to choose the languages, headings and chapters or to personalize the task of conversion of the filing-cabinets to balance the size and the quality.

More information on software can be found in this link, where also download of a test version is possible to make one.

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