Thursday, December 27, 2007


. On paper, it sounds O.K.: a little round hub with six short spokes, each of which can charge one of your mobile gadgets. That is, the Chargepod can charge a cellphone, iPod, Game Boy, Bluetooth earpiece, Palm organizer and BlackBerry simultaneously.

In practice, it’s even better. First, you don’t need a power strip to charge all your gadgets, just a single outlet. Second, you’ve eliminated six hideous, snarling black cables and transformers. Third, this thing is the size of a drink coaster; you can slip it into its carrying case and leave your six individual adapters at home.

The bad news: Since the electronics industry idiotically insists on inventing incompatible, noninterchangeable connectors for every new gadget, you have to order the appropriate Chargepod spokes (actually short black cables) individually, at $10 apiece. Callpod, the company that makes Chargepod, offers dozens of them for individual cellphone models, iPods and so on at Ten bucks each for four-inch cables is borderline outrageous; they’re not even labeled.

Still, though — you’ll use and get pleasure from this invention every single day.
by New York Times

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