Friday, April 18, 2008

Nokia 6212 classic

Nokia follows centred in the terminal of low range for its clients in countries that cannot pay to a Nokia N95 or anyone of their telephones of more than 200 Euros, with the presentation of new 6212 Nokia classic already are the 4 presented/displayed terminals of low range from the last month.

This terminal is one of 3G but basic that has Nokia, in addition to being of the few that the technology Near Field Communication includes, that allows you, for example, to make payments of anything by means of your movable telephone, simply putting your terminal near a compatible machine and accepting ticket. That simple, with no need to send SMS like some systems of present payments, it is by means of a servant to whom 3G of the terminal is connected by means of the connection.

The terminal comes with a screen of 2 inches QVGA, with camera of 2 megapixels, slot for cards microSD and radio FM, is not either necessary much more to count.

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